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Talk recruit offers a powerful job search engine that bridge the connection between the employers and the job seekers in a much comforting way which most of the prevailing job search sites lacks. We combine our knowledge into an online experience directed to ease the frantic process and costs associated with getting a job and hiring an employee of one’s personal interest. Designed after checking with many people in need of employment or looking for a transformation, we truly believe that Job Seekers are more than just a piece of paper. Talk Recruit gives Job Seekers a high level of personal imprinting by combining their traditional resume with a personalized Video Resume and social media incorporation. This gives Employers an opportunity to "meet" candidates before bringing them in for an interview effectively bringing down the tiresome scheduling process and provides Job Seekers a competitive advantage in a flooded marketplace.

Talk recruit has a user-friendly interface that allows applicants and recruiters to set up the assessment in less than two minutes. Creating assessments and inviting applicants to the platform has never been this easy. In a competitive market the only way to seek Employer’s attention is by standing out. Through Video Resumes, Talk Recruit offers the ability for Job Seekers to present themselves directly to Employers, sharing their personality and experience in a short well thought out video pitch. Our video interview layout is designed in such a way that gives employers advantage by eliminating the stress, guess work, and error from filing through resumes, creating a better company fit by allowing them to actually 'meet' the deserving candidates before the interview. Governance of the hiring process becomes much easier with Talk Recruit.

Our interviewing services are absolutely free. We provide an opportunity to any Job Seeker to apply for the company he looks for. With minimal charges, we provide additional offerings to the seekers.

There are several reasons for it. One-way interview makes the shortlisting process effective and easier. The organization doesn’t have to take a day off for recruitment of a few. Enter the one-way video interview! Instead of being limited to the number of candidates that can be interviewed via the phone, companies have the ability to interview more candidates via the one-way video interview. As a result, more candidates get an interview opportunity. Plus, this interview format empowers companies to standardize the interview process and improve collaboration with team members so a decision isn’t based on one person’s evaluation of a candidate.

For most of the time, live video interviews are mostly used when a company is unable to meet a candidate in-person. This could be possibly because of geographical or scheduling barriers. Since a live video interview enables companies and candidates to connect whenever and wherever, no job is out of reach!

Soon, video interviews will be a normal part of the interview process for most companies. However, most candidates are usually asking if a video interview is similar to a phone or in-person interview. Our answer to that is: yes. Treat a video interview just like any other interview you’ve ever taken

No! Companies use video interviewing in many different ways to suit their industry and to be more efficient and effective with their hiring. We will say it’s an enhancement to current recruiting process and not the alternate to it.

Only the company looking to hire you watches your videos from a secure and private account. Only those involved in the hiring process are reviewing your videos.

Nothing other than what you already have. All you need is an internet access and a front facing recording camera or webcam. If you are using a computer, you need the following: • An average speed Internet (minimum 256 kbps dedicated) connection. • Any web RTC’s supporting Internet Browser. All major browsers are supported. No additional software needs to be downloaded. • A working webcam that can record video. • A good quality microphone; inbuilt mic on the laptop can be used, but do not use a mobile phone mic. • All other applications running on your computer that might interfere with the ongoing assessment must be closed.

Talk Recruit was developed to be compatible with the most recent versions of all web RTC’s browsers. (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer). Make sure you are using one of these. To download Google Chrome, please visit To download Mozilla Firefox, please visit To download the latest version of Internet Explorer, please visit

Talk Recruit runs smoothly on Flash Player version 11 and up. However, for optimal performance, it's always a good practice to use the most up to date version. You can find one here: Further, To see what version of Flash your computer is running and to find the latest version of Flash for your operating system and browser, please visit

Candidates must make sure to test their system prior to the first question for unexpected errors. If the problem comes abruptly you are required to check is to see if your internet is still working. Next, try closing the browser and re-opening it. Or you could try a different browser. A plain wall with sufficient lighting and much for better recordings. Candidates can ask for rescheduling the video interview only in case of a technical error. Ensure that you check it in advance to avoid last minutes’ technical snags.

A computer with the latest version of Flash Player installed and a webcam is required in order to take any interview on Talk Recruit. You can write to us at support@********* or call us on +91**********, we can guide you to the nearest Internet Café or Library for the interview. Also, we can contact your organization and request them to arrange alternative Interview methods for you. You can be prompted to be on the desktop or laptop based on the organization’s recruiting process.

Possible reasons why you are not able to log into your account are: You are attempting to log in with an incorrect email address. To resolve this, please double check the email address you are entering when attempting to log in. We also recommend looking into your emails to find any emails from Talk Recruit--this will give you an idea of the email you signed up with. Alternatively, you can also sign up with your LinkedIn account here (link). You are attempting to log in with an incorrect password. To resolve this situation, please reset your password. You might have deactivated your account. To resolve this situation, please create a new account and sign up (link) with a different email address or with the different LinkedIn account.

As long as your screen presence is clear, the quality doesn’t matter. However, we suggest to log in from another system with better camera quality if the video is highly pixelated. In any case, we provide assurance that your Interview result is not dependent on camera quality.

We suggest to treat your Video Resume like a regular interview. You could start by preparing a good environment setting, ensure that the light is sufficient and there are no external disturbances. You should dress appropriately, be well groomed, and, of course, be prepared. Maintaining eye contact with the camera with an appealing smile; this will ensure the illusion of eye contact with the potential interviewer and enhances the charm. Prepare your Video Resume content in advance. Recite it well. It’s better to have a general guideline ready rather than just sitting in front of the camera and trying to “wing it”.

You can create your video resume with utmost ease and free of cost. Once you sign up for a Talk Recruit account, you can log into your profile and click on the “My Visume” button on the right highlighted in green and follow the instructions from there. Our system is designed in a way which automatically traces your profile background and set questions accordingly. After completing the answers, click on “finish” and your video resume gets uploaded to your profile. Don’t forget to share your video resume using our social media sharing options. You can also connect your social accounts and share your profile across them to get maximum exposure.

It depends on your internet connection. Uploading your video resume is a matter of seconds. In any case it should not take more than 2 minutes. If by chance, internet connectivity is lost during upload refresh the page and record your answers again.

Yes, whenever you feel you are done with your response you can stop the timer and move on to the next question

You will be redirected to the next question only after the current answer has been uploaded. You will see a “Record again” option once you are done with the recording.

No, to main the authenticity of video interviewing technique we have a strict privacy policy for it. The questions are not pre-available to any candidate in any case.

Every question has a pause break between them. You are free to answer questions whenever you are comfortable to take one. After every question you are asked to check “Start” button whenever you are ready to answer. This gives you control over your interviewing process.

Time to answer each question is pre-set by the recruiters to maintain the fairness in the process. We don’t have any say in it. For our candidates, we provide minimum two takes for each question to answer to ensure that the candidates deliver their best.

No, if you opt for the retake, your latest answer will get uploaded. If you are not satisfied with any of your responses you can finish the interview and chose “Record Again” option. There is no defined limit to record your response. However, we highly recommend to achieve the best output in your first attempt only. This will enhance your personality norms.

Yes, we are always thrilled to help our users. You can find the complete guide on making your video resume more appealing here. (link)

Yes, with thousands of job recommendation for you, our filter based job search technique provides you with most relevant jobs. To take advantage of the great opportunities available on Talk Recruit, you are required to register for a Video Resume profile. Registration takes very little time and will give you the opportunity to apply for jobs instantly when you find the right match. You can easily sign up with your associated mail or LinkedIn id.

Yes, it is mandatory to upload your video resume. Your video resume is what sets you apart from the other job seekers. Talk Recruiter lays special emphasis on video resumes so it won’t allow you to sit for the interview unless you have a video resume linked to your profile. Generally, on job offering websites, employers have to filter through hundreds of written resumes. On Talk Recruit, your Video Resume gives you the opportunity to make an exclusive first impression with Employers, putting you in the lead to acquire the job.

No, multiple resumes can express varied personality traits so we follow “One Person, One Resume” policy.

Start by honestly filling your Talk Recruit profile. Also, be conscious to use keywords related to your top skills, as Employers will utilize these keywords to search for Resumes and Video Resumes that match the job positions they are looking for. The more authentic your profile is, the more positive feedbacks you will have and hence more views.

Talk Recruit does not disclose any personal information without your consent, except to fulfil with relevant laws or legal proceedings where such information is needed. For more information, please read the Talk Recruit Privacy Policy (link) or (contact us).

We at Talk Recruit comply strictly with our privacy policy and takes extreme measures to keep any information secure. We, under any circumstances don’t share any kind of personal information with any third party without your knowledge. Rest assured it is an absolutely safe and secure application.

If you are a new user, you can register yourself here (link). For existing user, you can log in here, (link). If you face any kind of trouble, you can Contact Us (link) anytime. Our customer support will get back to you in no time.

Yes, absolutely. One of the primary goals of Talk Recruit is to take hiring process at the global level efficiently. You can register yourself here, (link). It’s absolutely free.